Our friendship with Ethnotek started when they were looking for help to improve their Shopify store speed that was built nearly 9 years ago. After analyzing their eShop, it became clear that the speed of the website was not the only issue and there was a lot of room for improvement of overal UI and UX. We agreed that the store needs a huge rewamp and since better conversions have been the main goal of the re-design, we partnered up with our resident conversions expert June Liu and did just that.

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The Result

Ethnotek site site speed has increased by 200% since with the launch of their new custom theme. They have also seen an increase in their conversion rate of 60%, the new store is much more fun and easier to navigate for the customers and more effortless to manage for the client. We continue working with Ethnotek as their brand keeps growing.

“Working with Storee was one of our best investments! After implementing their new Theme design, mobile conversions increased 60% compared to the previous year. Aside from that and many other increased performance metrics, Emile and her team were incredible to work with! They are very responsive, professional, flexible and fun. Emile has an expert design sense and helped elevate our brand experience massively! Customers have said that they love spending more time on our new website because it’s easier to navigate, understand what the Ethnotek world is all about and is fun to use. That’s thanks to her thoughtful layout and UI/UX design. We’ve now translated their design aesthetic to our newsletters, ads and various other brand touch points to increase quality and user experience overall.  

They were also very honest and transparent, which is unfortunately rare these days when working with various agencies & contractors. Usually agencies like to keep you in their pocket by making things complicated and hard too use, requiring you to be reliant on their services. Storee is the opposite, they designed a Theme that’s robust and easy to use and provided tutorials so I can populate it and use it on my own, without requiring nearly any assistance. Because of that, we trust them completely and will work with them well into the future. I highly recommend working with Emile and her crew of rockstar developers, five stars!"

Jake, CEO of Ethnotek
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