Çaplait is one of those unique brands who's goal is cultural appreciation instead of appropriation. We met Çaplait after their successful Kickstarter campaign that crowdfunded the money for a luxury footwear brand that re-creates traditional Pakistani shoes called Pashwari and handcrafts them from real Artisans in Pakistan. Usman, the founder of Çaplait had a vision of a beautiful, luxurious, minimalist website that highlights the luxury of their shoe. Usman came to us with a logo and a lot of great ideas. We worked closely with Usman and his design team to come up with the creative direction and branding for their online store, as well as the product and lifestyle photography and printed graphics.

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The Result

After the sucessful launch of the online store, Çaplait has grown tremendously. Their shoes are now stocked at 45 stores worldwide and their brand has been featured in Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and many more.  We are always on their side to update their website as Çaplait continues to grow internationally, wheteher it is preparing their online store for the new season, setting up new photoshoot or creating a lookbook.

Emile really takes her time to understand the brief and provides amazing proposals that demonstrates that she clearly knows what we are looking for. She has had input in other areas of our luxury ethical footwear brand too such as styling and photography. Emile truly goes the extra mile and is why we have been working together for over 3 years now and keep coming back.

Usman, Founder at Çaplait
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